Alcohol Inks : Abstracts in Motion

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” — Pablo Picasso

The following pieces are 5″ x 7″ prints of alcohol ink paintings. Contact me on the form at the bottom of page, or email me at to inquire about different sizes/prices or imprinted products. I accept MC/VISA, checks and PayPal.

5×7 Print  $10
5×7 Print in 8×10 Double Mat Ready for Framing $25

Agate Blues
“Agate Blues”


Astral Plane
“Astral Plane”

Four Sisters
“Four Sisters”

Moonlit Canopy
“Moonlit Canopy”


Put a Ring On It
“Put a Ring on It”

“Autumn Ablaze”

You Must Be Dreaming
“You Must Be Dreaming”

Petal Pushers
“Petal Pushers”

Autumn Roses
“Autumn Roses”

Mirror, Mirror on the Lake
“Mirror, Mirror on the Lake”

Pineapple Express
“Pineapple Express”

Summer Blooms
“Summer Bloomers”

Carte Vintage
“Carte Vintage”



Blue Forest
“Blue Forest”

Time and Space
“Time and Space”

“Black Gold”

“On the Fence”

Fun with Fungi
“Fun with Fungi”

It's Magenta
“It’s Magenta”

“Channeling van Gogh”


Fire on the Mountain
“Fire on the Mountain”

Peacock Blues
“Peacock Blues”

Contact Me for General Questions, Optional Sizes/Prices or to Make a Purchase

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